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Deliberate Teaching Practices

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In Classroom Creation Guide, educational mentor Brooke Cushwa guides teachers on how to design an inviting and effective learning environment for their students. Through a series of reflections, real world research, and writing prompts, Cushwa’s methodology assists teachers with establishing classroom values, addressing student needs, and choosing the right seating arrangements, desk placement, and even decor. Whether you are a first-time teacher or a seasoned professional, Cushwa’s coaching inspires reflection and logical organization to constructively transform your classroom.

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About D.T.P.

Owner, author, and consultant, Brooke Cushwa, has 16 years of classroom experience, along with a Masters in Educational Leadership and a National Board Certification since 2012. She now works as a coach to help mentor new teachers. Out of this experience came Deliberate Teaching Practices™ a consulting business and professional development workbook series. Each book focuses on a specific skill related to instruction and classroom management. Through reflections, study, and planning, teachers develop their craft to best meet the needs of their classrooms and their students. 



Dr. Renee Peterson, Ed.D.

We must establish the space before the learning can commence - the physical before the cognitive. Designing learning spaces with intentionality sets the tone for the learning experience. Brooke Cushwa assists new teachers in planning their first classrooms and applying intentional choices with learning in mind while reminding veteran educators to clear the clutter and revisit deliberate classroom choices. Start with Classroom Creation Guide and make thoughtful decisions when designing your students' learning domain.

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